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Our background is strategic marketing and business development, and we tend to specialise in media, electronics and software in both B2B and B2C. Here are some of the skills that we bring to your company and some thoughts on their importance in creating value in your business.

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Our Core Services

Product Development

Proper product definition is the very start of how we approach an assignment even if your product is already established and this definition drives everything else we will do together. Many companies fail to define their products in the way that their potential customers need to see them to stimulate purchase. All too often its a boring and irrelevant list of features or functionality. The trick is actually to define the product in terms of what the customer need really is and how your great new idea will satisfy that need - real or perceived.

Marketing Planning

Thorough analysis of your potential customers, market trends, and competition irrespective of the resource available. It is trite, but true, that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. The plan improves your whole business from the product/service the offer to your image and most importantly generates new prospects to your business. This plan, hatched from a proper product definition enable us to design, develop, and implement your communication strategy which might include branding, PR and marketing collateral.

Business Planning

A proper business plan is a powerful tool which brings all the aspects of the venture together and shows you the realistic possibility of taking the business further. We not only can develop a solid working business plan for you but also implement it and help you to use it to your full benefit when required.

Business Development

Aside from the standard Business Development tasks such as finding and signing new customers to drive your venture forwards, w have developed a couple of specialisations.


A good deal of our most recent interim work has been centred on the exploitation of commercial rights and intellectual property rights (IPR). This is highly specialised and involves the licensing of complex technologies and IPR to third parties. We can assist our clients here in developing the commercial models and pricing, interfacing with the patent community and drawing up license agreements for negotiation with customers.


We are trained and experienced negotiators skilled in finding the right deal for both parties involved. We can help you by sitting alongside you in your negotiations or carry them out personally to your commercial guidelines.

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Henley Interim - Marketing Consultancy and Interim Director

Henley Interim provides a number of specific skill-sets in the commercial arena, and brings with it a multitude of management tools developed over years of varied career experience that will empower you and will enable your own business or venture to reach its full potential.

What we do not do is to consult and leave you with a bill and a problem to resource – we actually do this work as if we were a permanent employee and most importantly, we perform it as an integral and commited member of your team.

We can continue as long as you need or we can agree and plan a recruitment and handover program for a suitable successor once the long term potential of your new venture is deemed sustainable.

We also have a wide network who can provide complementary services such as PR, Design, Market Research, Patent drafting on a similar basis.