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Henley Interim offfers a variety of flexible interim resourcing solutions to help you add value at affordable cost.

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New Commercial Ventures

Many companies, at every stage of their development, regularly need the commercial skills of a seasoned Director-level executive to drive a new or special venture. This is considered as an important component of business development as many companies—including those based online are getting bigger—thanks to the growth of broadband Internet technology

However, and this is the Catch 22, the inherent risk in a new venture means that recruitment could be costly or the company simply cannot afford someone at this level full time. Perhaps you need to test and prove the viability of the venture before you invest in a full-time senior positioin.

Henley Interim meets these needs by offering you a commercial resource, highly skilled and experienced in Marketing, Planning and Business Development, on a contract basis flexible to your needs. But the real beauty of using Henley Interim is that, by applying this very experienced resource at an operational level, generally speaking we will be over-qualified for the job.

By contracting from Henley Interim, you get the best of both worlds – the experience needed to generate immediate value in your business and the flexibility of being in total control of the cost.

Our clients can then get on with their main business or core competency reassured that their venture will get the highest level of commercial attention at the lowest risk.

The added advantage that you get is that you will add to your team some one who especially loves to turn great ideas into actual selling products that create sustainable revenue streams.

Short Term Cover

A key member of the marketing team leaves to go to a competitor. There’s no way that they will work out their notice period, but you have a major campaign brewing. You need to recruit but even at Manager level this will take six months by the time they start; it could take even longer for Director-level recruit to start.

Henley Interim can offer you an immediate cover on a full or part item basis who can hit the ground running and save that meticulously-planned campaign from failure.

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Henley Interim - Interim Marketing and Commercial Management Solutions for New Ventures


Henley Interim is an interim business development and marketing resource specialising in bringing techology, media, or content based products to market through conventional means and by licensing Intellectual Property Rights.

By focusing on the improvement of marketing and business development at both a strategic and tactical level, Henley Interim has enabled clients to achieve rapid market growth to new and established ventures through highly flexible commercial resourcing