Matthew Simmons is an Independent Marketing Consultant and part time marketing director based in HampshireABOUT HENLEY INTERIM


The services offered by Henley Interim are primarily delivered through Matthew Simmons - an experienced Interim Manager who has a successful track record in both corporate and now interim life.


Choose from the flexible solutions below that suit your business best.

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How we work

There are 3 main ways that our clients like to incorporate Henley Interim within their team; all assume a preagreed set of objectives that we are both working to, the difference is simply determined by your priorities.

Fixed contract basis – part time marketing director

We study your commercial issues and, based on that, we agree a project plan with objectives and deliverables and we then agree the fixed number of days per month that we will be working with you as a part time marketing director.

So for example we work at your premises one day per week every week as part of your team and managed by your stucture. We will be flexible to your needs on the understanding that this is the basis we work with all our clients – but you will be guaranteed your allocated days and a very high quality of input for the cost of a junior employee.

Fixed contract basis – retained

Some clients need the reassurance that we can be called on to help them with infrequent projects that do not necessitate daily attendance.

For example, one client needs an on-call service when they need commercial input on a patent claim, license agreement or contract. In this case we have agreed a fixed fee to handle all these issues as and when they arrive. In some cases it requires a face to face meeting to resolve complex issues but many are routine and we can handle these at distance.

Fixed contact basis – full time

Some clients need me for a fixed term on a full time basis to cover absence or to really kick-start a venture full time.

For example, a blue-chip company’s Marketing Director is absent for maternity leave; or an established business has an exciting new venture they wish to trial, but its high risk and they do not wish to put in place a permanent team YET. We agree a daily rate for say 6 months and I simply do that job at your premises for the agreed time period as part of the team.

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Henley Interim - Part time marketing director Marketing and Business Development

Henley Interim was set up by Matthew Simmons who, following a successful corporate career has had over 10 years experience, as a contract interim, helping businesses at all stages of their development fulfill their potential through planned, creative marketing and business development.

Matthew, a Cambridge graduate and MBA, has over 25 years experience in industry working in a variety of Marketing and Business Development roles for blue chip electronics companies in a variety of product divisions and disciplines.

While working in Digital Cable TV, Matthew negotiated broadcast/carriage deals with the likes of the BBC, Discovery Channel and BSkyB to carry their channels on the new ntl (now Virgin Media) digital service.

Since embarking on his career providing Interim commercial services, his international experience in North America, Europe, India, Middle East and Asia has given him the opportunity to benefit from the exposure to different cultures and ways of doing business and also to build a useful network of contacts in many disciplines.